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Wellness industry

Wellness-Screening is a Lifestyle Management Screening system that will provide you with 40 clinical validated biomarkers to base your lifestyle advice on.

With  Wellness-Screening you take the first step towards the integrative medicine and the future of healthcare.

Screening detects deviations in a person's health.

Wellness-Screening is a 100 % evidence based and non-invasive digital health screening technology. A biometric-based system to be used by people working with wellness- and health in any forms. 


The screening will give the wellness market a table of physiological biomarkers that will not be provided in a regular checkup. The screening result in an overall picture and an integrative view of their client’s health status, so you will able to create e personalized wellness plan. To be able to work with personalized medicine it requires us to understand unique physiological characteristics.

  • Non-invasive

  • Easy to use

  • Take only 5 minutes to perform

  • 100 % evidence based 

  • Easy follow ups

  • Mobile technology

  • Start from a Wellness Index and a vascular age

  • Health coaches 

  • Gym- and sport facilitets 

  • SPA-providers

  • Body therapists 

  • Nutritionist 

  • Dietician

  • Weight management clinics 

  • Functional medicine therapists 

  • Integrative clinics 

  • Lifestyle coaches and lifestyle doctors

  • Anti-age (inside-Out strategy)


Sports analysis  

Use wellness-screening to set up an effective training program based on your clients' physiology before and after training as well evaluate their ability to recover. As a personal trainer, you can offer your clients a unique and personalized training advice. 

Weight loss program 

Give your clients a fully personalized weight loss program. Weight gain has many causes, like stress, metabolic problems, some nutritional deficiencies, reduced insulin sensitivity, and more. Evaluating and monitoring a variety of parameters identified through the screening enables you to develop an effective and personalized weight loss program.

Stress profile

Study your clients' stress based on both their brain and their nervous system. You can also include the link between thyroid, depression and stress.

Digestion and nutrition

As part of the screening, an estimated tissue analysis of the digestive system is conducted, and suggestions of possible nutritional deficiencies are given. Wellness-screening does not measure nutritional status, but it can suggest possible nutritional deficiencies based on certain physiological abnormalities. You can also use metabolism as a good biomarker in this category.

Lifestyle analysis

A more thorough analysis of several values in order to provide individual lifestyle advice and also analyses changes after lifestyle adjustments have been implemented. A growing number of companies are expressing an interest in this type of company health service.


Create an individualized detox program for your clients based on their physiological conditions.

Including measurement and how to carry out a screening

The Screening takes 5 minutes and is easy to carry out. The client sits down on a chair and place their hands and feet on disks. Two electrodes are connected to their forehead. This allows three measurements, namely, Bioimpedance, Galvanic Skin Response and a Sudomotor test (a measure of the activity in the sweat cells). 


An Oximeter placed on the client’s finger makes several different measurements: Oxygen Saturation, Photoplethysmography and Heart Rate Variability. 


A blood pressure cuff is placed on the client’s arm and is utilized via Bluetooth. For an increased awareness of the autonomic nervous system connected to challenges the client will also be breathing for a minute and stand upright for a minute. 


After the screening the measurement methods will generate a report of 40-60 different physiologic health indicators. 

Base your advises on a Wellness Index

After the screening your client receives a total Wellness-index that generates from the health indicators. If the client receives 85 out of a 100 possible there is a 15 % deviation. It’s around these 15 % the customized council are based on. Be aware that we measure deviations from an optimized health, not a diagnosis for diseases. 


Monitoring Functions 

To be able to measure the results after a wellness intervention you will be able to find monitoring functions in the system to easy follow up a client accumulated result. 

Examples of packages for healthcare professionals

  1. Wellness-Screening technology

  2. E-learning series

  3. Manual - Physiology / Biomarkers

  4. Handbook - Advice

  5. one time exam - Practicals & theory

  6. Private coaching - 6 hours via Skype

  7. WMS-PR movie (includes your company name / logotype.)

Buy separate parts


Everything can be ordered in separate parts, please request a quotation and describe your company's needs.

Technical criteria:

The software is only compatible with PC

(At least Intel i5 and with Windows 10.)


Financial solutions:


We cooperate with IKANO Finance, which can help you with a financial solution.

Contact IKANO directly:

Anton Boyner

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