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Wellness Medical


Wellness-Medical - Screening is a 100 % evidence based and non-invasive digital health screening technology.

A biometric-based system to be used by people working in the medical area. 


The screening will give doctors working with chronic diseases or lifestyle a table of physiological biomarkers that will not be provided in a regular checkup.

The screening result in an overall picture and an integrative view of their client’s health status, so you will able to create e personalized  health- and lifestyleplan. 

To be able to work with personalized medicine it requires us to understand unique physiological characteristics.

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Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle is closely associated with the pathogenesis of chronic diseases has been known for more than three decades. The importance of lifestyle changes in terms of a new medical paradigm to solve chronic diseases is becoming more and more popular.

Lifestyle medicine is a medicine based on personal lifestyle and Wellness-Medical-Screening give you a table of 30 physiological biomarkers to base these advices on. Over the word the integration between wellness and the medical arena is now the key to solve this problem.

Recently, the concept of “Lifestyle Medicine” was proposed, and we predict it will be an important field in future medicine.

Integrative Medicine

"Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life; 

it's about what you inspire others to do"


TM-flow for the diabetes doctors and nurses, included insulin resistance, microcirculation, C-fibers and endothelial function. 


TBL-ABI to detect PAD (peripheral artery diseases).

Inspire your patient to be pro-active

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