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Step into the future of healthcare

Through a biometric screening, the physiology will let us know how we can optimize people´s health.

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The best investment in the Wellness Industry! 

Adopt new ways of working, renew your offers and create value for your customers. 

The biometric screening aims to understand what the body needs to optimize people’s health. It is an easy mapping of your clients’ physiological strengths and weaknesses. The result makes it possible to develop individual and efficient health and lifestyle advices. 


The health examination makes it possible to assess the risks of lifestyle-based diseases that today make up to around 80 percent of all diseases.

Today most of the diseases originate from a chronic degeneration that is process based on degenerative cell changes affecting tissues and organs and speed up the aging process. Degenerative disease also called lifestyle related diseases and for that reason if a person gets the knowledge what’s going on inside of them they can design their lifestyle to prevent these diseases to occur and decrease the aging process. Personalized lifestyle plan based on true physiological data is a new way of working with proactive wellness program.


User reference – Wellness Screening 

Fredrik Ölander

Cert. Functional medicine therapist in Sweden

“Wellness-Screening has not only been

financially efficient for my company, it has

increased my ability to help my clients’ more efficiently towards a better health.”


“Wellness-Screening has been subject of interest on both the private market and among companies as a new practice of proactive prophylaxis.”

“As a function medicine therapist my vital duty is to scientifically define and treat the primary causes of illness” 

Feel safety

When you invest in a biometric screening you will work with a clinical validated form of health assessment. Both you and your clients/patients can be sure that the health parameters are evidence based and relevant. 

Stay in control

Upon investment of the screening you receive a six hour private training in order to easy and efficient implement the screening in your business. After implementation there are opportunities for further development and also possibility of a monthly safety agreement subscription.

Identify the problem in time

Screening is perfect if you want to build good reputation on the B2B market. All companies want to prevent illness and operate proactive for diseases. Screening is a valuable investment for companies as it identifies problems earlier and makes it possible to operate proactively.  All our Screening methods are mobile and easily accessible. 

Overview of your health in

only 5 Minutes! 

When you choose a method to base wellness consultancy on it is vital that it is fast and easy to implement and understand. Our computer-based screening is done after 5 minutes and generate results of 40-60 different health indicators. 

40  clinical validated physiological wellness

biomarkers in only 5 minutes.

Wellness-screening is the biometric screening technology that we offer the wellness market in the world to perform health assessment to base the personalize wellness strategies from. 

Three different forms of screening technologies

for the medical market. 

TM-flow for the diabetes doctors and nurses, included insulin resistance, microcirculation, C-fibers and endothelial function. TBL-ABI to detect PAD (peripheral artery diseases) and Wellness-Medical-Screening for lifestyle programs, for the Scandinavian market.

We have a long experience of education

and offer several elective courses.


We educate our customers globally in screening, physiology and action programs for health-optimization and how to utilize your screening most efficient in your business. The education is offered on location or via Skype. 


Become a Certified Screening Therapist and receive a diploma for both practical and theoretical. 

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